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Hanoi Train street coffee – how to get there

Hanoi Train street coffee – how to get there

Apr 7, 2023

🚉 Train street is a narrow railway track running through the densely populated residential area in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. It has become a popular tourist attraction. However, in recent years, due to safety concerns, the local authorities have restricted access to certain parts of the street.

🏡 It’s not just about the moment the train passing by, the local life around here is interesting and the area itself has its own charm. Make sure to take a leisure walk along the railway to absorb the most of it. Slow travel is the real travel!

🖲 How to get there:

1. Search for Alley 222 – Le Duan street (Ngõ 222, Lê Duẩn, Hà Nội)
2. From here, you can enter the whole area without any problems.
3. Find yourself a spot on a small cafe on the side or simply enjoy exploring a deep cut of the local life in Hanoi.

⏰ Train schedule: 15.30, 19.05, 19.20 and 19.50 every day (updated March 2023)

📌 Tips:
▪️ A spot on a café balcony will give you better view
▪️ To have nice pictures on the railway, wear bright or colorful color since things around here are mostly grey and green
▪️ RESPECT THE RULE: Keep far away from the train track at least 1 meter for your safety as the train is bigger than the ray
▪️ The train moment is quick, make sure to be there 30 minutes early for a good spot

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