Where are the best local street food in Hanoi Old Quarter?

Apr 2, 2023

Update: Apr 2023 Hanoi – Heaven of street foods ranging from the snacks to main dishes that get you full up all night or sweet deserts for desert lovers. Everyone can find their favorite when strolling around Hanoi’s Old quarter. All the best street food are being sold here and you can’t try it all in one day I’m sure of this since there are too many good things to choose from. Let’s see some of… read more

Hanoi Train street coffee – how to get there

Apr 7, 2023

🚉 Train street is a narrow railway track running through the densely populated residential area in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. It has become a popular tourist attraction. However, in recent years, due to safety concerns, the local authorities have restricted access to certain parts of the street. 🏡 It’s not just about the moment the train passing by, the local life around here is interesting and the area itself has its own charm. Make… read more

Best local desserts and sweet treats in Hanoi Old Quarter

Mar 31, 2023

Hanoi is famous for its wide range of traditional desserts especially desserts making from beans such as: red bean, black bean, white bean, green bean, soya, lotus bean… In Vietnam, Coffee’s also considered a dessert drink. You will usually get invitations for a coffee after breakfast or lunch but not dinner cause sleepless issue. Coffee (Ca Phe) Traditional Coffee – Phin Coffee: Phin coffee is a popular coffee brewing method in Vietnam. It involves using a small metal filter… read more

Top 5 Restaurants for fine dining in Hanoi Old Quarter

Apr 1, 2023

It’s sure that siting in a low plastic stools and enjoying street food of Hanoi is fun and amusing. However, if you want a dinner or lunch in a great restaurant serving Vietnamese authentic food or the fusion of Vietnamese to some other countries’ influence in cozy, pretty ambiance, we have the list of those restaurants for you to select. Each one below is unique and a little bit “wild”, but for sure, it’s all delicious…. read more


Sep 17, 2016

Bun Cha has long been in a list of most favorite food by Vietnamese people. You can see them eating Bun Cha at any time of the day whether it’s morning or late at night. The grilled meat eating together with vermicelli rice noodles originates in Hanoi for more than 60 years ago and still standing strong. The combination of meats, rice noodles, fresh herbs and sweet broth can easily satisfy anyone likes. Although its reputation… read more

5 things to yearn for when Hanoi autumn is breezing out your doorsteps

Sep 28, 2016

Blackboard tree (Milk tree) The tree is Ha noi autumn’s symbol in citizens’ minds. You can smell the blackboard fragrance in almost every corner of Hanoi’s streets. The Blackboards are being planted scattered to avoid the strong smell since its heavy scent can cause the whole neighborhood dizzy and allergic. However, there will not be a Hanoi’s autumn night without wandering the street in breezing atmosphere with the sweet smell of blackboard softly flying in the… read more

Bun Thang ( Hot rice noodle)

Oct 14, 2016

The name Yes, Hanoi is a paradise of noodles. You can’t count how many kinds of noodle that Hanoi proudly has. However, to my opinion, the special, signature noodle that you can only find the best in Hanoi is Bun Thang. The “Thang” in its name origins from the way the dish is prepared. Because it takes so many ingredients to perfect the dish that people link the process  to the process of old Vietnamese pharmacists… read more

Must-try street food in Hanoi: Bun Dau Mam Tom

Nov 21, 2016

The famous noodle that not every foreigner would have a bravery to try because the smell of the shrimp sauce. But we Vietnamese love it since behind the smell (which is unavoidable) the taste is pretty sweet and the combination of rice noodle, soya cheese and shrimp sauce brings joy to your mouth The name Noodles are the pride of Vietnamese people; we have hundred kinds of noodles in 54 provinces and cities. They mostly are… read more