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HERITAGE LINE | JANUARY NEWS – “Anouvong Meets the Mekong River”

HERITAGE LINE | JANUARY NEWS – “Anouvong Meets the Mekong River”

Feb 12, 2020

Anouvong is Heritage Line’s premier luxury vessel sailing the mighty Mekong River in Laos. This rarely-traveled stretch of the Mekong features outstanding riverscapes, charming remote local villages, and a deep spirituality permeating through all facets of Laotian life. While meandering along one of the world’s most spectacular waterways, this majestic vessel boasts traditional Laotian artistry paired with French-colonial elegance among its 10 onboard staterooms and suites.

The maiden voyage is on 29 September 2020, and for a limited time bookings can be made with a special promotional rate of 10% off 3-night Golden Triangle Traverse journeys through December 2021.

With just eight months before its maiden voyage, Heritage Line Anouvong has just reached another significant milestone in the ship construction process. On 12 January 2020, the captain and construction crew celebrated Anouvong’s ship christening prior to placing the vessel into the water for the very first time (known as the ship launch, and not to be confused with when the ship formally enters service with its inaugural voyage).

Only witnessed by the shipyard crew and a few local spectators in Laos’s far northwestern Bokeo Province, the upper Mekong’s first ever luxury vessel glided smoothly and steadily across a bed of air-filled balloons and gently into the river. This kind of “ship-birthing process” took nearly an entire day before Heritage Line Anouvong, at last, floated freely on the Mekong.

Engineers, shipyard crew, and Heritage Line’s management team (who were watching this fascinating procedure live on video) all rejoiced when seeing and hearing the final result everyone was hoping for – a very low draft, which is required to navigate this perplexing river and its shallow stretches, rapids, and narrow passages.

“A mere 0.775 meters of water above the keel is an extraordinary result, and we are extremely pleased about the vessel’s draft,” states Mr. Bao Nguyen, Heritage Line’s Chief Engineer.

Over the coming weeks, as the on-site shipyard team finishes with the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, Heritage Line will be flying in a team of experts to fit out the ship’s interiors (the same team who outfitted Heritage Line Ylang, which recently launched in August 2019).

It is marvelous to see the entire process come together, and we look forward to welcoming another member to Heritage Line’s renowned ship collection.

Heritage Line Anouvong is scheduled to embark on its 4-day/3-night maiden voyage on 29 September 2020 from the cultural heart of Laos, Luang Prabang, and discovering captivating landscapes and remote communities as it sails upstream toward the Thai-Lao border town of Huay Xai (this cruise is also available downstream).

Until the end of March, Heritage Line offers a 10% off Inaugural Promotion on all 3-night upper Mekong journeys in 2020 & 2021.

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