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USD 245

ATA-HL-STL Stellar of the Sea

Stellar of the Seas cruises welcome you to experience the new definition of contemporary luxury. We offer not only a luxury cruise service of the highest safety standard but also a completely unique experience with a carefully researched itinerary, attentive service, authentic decor, delicious food… That makes your vacation be a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

USD 310

ATA-HL-EMP Emperor Cruise

Emperor Cruises introduces the first ever exclusive all-inclusive Vietnamese cruise experience, a world where everything is included in the price. Our personal service on board our elegant ships will exceed your expectations, allowing you to indulge yourselves as you explore Halong Bay in comfort and style.

USD 195

ATA-HL-LTT Le Theater Cruise

Le Theatre cruises are well- known as the first 5 star cruise ever that has the best itinerary through Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay. We were also the leading entertainment for cruising in Halong bay.

We are delighted to open BRAND NEW cruises in Ha Long Bay –  Lan Ha Bay to serve our valued guests with best level of customer service throughout the length of journey to ensure  your beautiful holiday be a truly unique and unforgettable experience on Le Theatre cruise.

USD 197

ATA-HL-HRT Heritage Cruises

Launching in Aug 2019, with 1, 2 and 3-night options, Heritage Cruises will offer authentic experiences for 40 guests aboard an architecturally designed boutique river and ocean cruise ship departing from Haiphong – only 90 minutes from Hanoi. Amenities include two restaurants, a spa, indoor and outdoor lounge, swimming pool and pool bar and 20 suites with picture windows offering ocean views.

USD 130

ATA-HL-ACL Aclass Legend Cruise

The Aclass Legend Cruise has 14 luxury guest rooms, suites and public areas that created from graceful wooden furnishings and beautiful amenities.  Our cabins are full of well equipped and have the very large windows with the panoramic bay view, offering you a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Our well-trained crews serve you at the first-class treatment throughout the length of your journey. That makes your vacation be a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

USD 140

ATA-HL-SRN Serenity Cruise

What does the word “Serenity” imply? It implies the style and ethos of our cruises, appealing to a certain type of person.

Whilst some cruises appeal to a fun-loving crowd, Serenity Cruises draw a quieter, more style-conscious customer. They are cruises for discerning people who dream of floating on a calm, azure sea, among limestone peaks under boundless skies. Cruises designed for self-contemplation, to discover your inner resources and how strong your connection is with nature and local culture.

USD 160

ATA-HL-LRY La Regina Royal Cruise

La Regina Royal cruise, the charming younger sister of La Regina Legend cruise, is not merely as elegant and luxurious in every detail as her sister, but also youth oriented with a cozy atmosphere and a delightful blend of traditional Vietnamese design. A cruise trip with La Regina Royal is a combination of the bay’s most magnificent scenery, local attractions and on board amenities. Get ready for your most unforgettable moment on La Regina Royal.

USD 115

ATA-HL-LHL Lan Ha Legend Cruise

Lan Ha Legend Cruise is one of the best choices in the middle rank cruises in Halong bay with 9 cabins & 20 people in maximum, wooden & traditional boat. We visit also Halong bay, Lan Ha Bay & border line with Bai Tu Long bay. We’re not a luxury & new boat but focusing on customer services & unique route. We make sure that you will have an amazing experience with BBQ dinner, kayaking, swimming, go fishing, hiking, biking… at the beautiful, less touristy lagoons, beaches & places

USD 115

ATA-HL-LAV Lavender Cruise

A boutique cruise with 7 or 9 cabins per boat

The two days one night cruises are ideal for those who want to experience the Halong bay with full of exciting activities, kayaking, swimming and more


USD 135

ATA-HL-MGR Margaret Cruises

No words can describe the emotions, no camera can show all the feelings and sometimes what we see on the photos is not entirely true. Only the real experience can give us all we are looking for in this natural world heritage.

We – Margaret Cruise – are pleased to bring you the most high-quality journey in Halong Bay. Our cruise is subtly designed with a perfect balance between classic and modern. The details on the ship are designed by leading experts of Vietnamese yachts. All these things always give you a new experience when overnight on the boat.