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USD 140

ATA-LHB-ASP Aspira Cruise

New cruise launched in December 2019 with 22 cabins, sails in Halong and Lan Ha Bay

Two days one night cruise to less touristy area of Lan Ha & Ha Long bay is an ideal trip for those who seek for truly experience. ASPIRA CRUISES with perfect combination of modern & traditional design will not only bring you a journey in comfort & luxury but also take you deep into natural wonders with various interesting activities: kayaking, swimming, biking, etc…

Unique 3-day 2-night tour into Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island   is the best choice for you. Our cruises with a perfect combination of modernity & tradition in design and will not only bring you a journey in comfort & luxury but also take you deep into natural wonder with various interesting activities: kayaking, swimming, biking, etc. This 3-day 2-night tour on the secluded area of Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island is an ideal trip for those who seek for truly experience.


From USD 133

ATA-HL-DYC Dynasty Cruise

Dynasty Cruise  is designed in royal style combining classic elegance and nobility with deep wood furniture. Consisted of 22 cabins with restaurants, spa and bar, Dynasty is impressive in each thoughtfully and meticulously designed detail. Each cabin is sophisticatedly designed, fully equipped with high-end furniture and has a separate balcony for sightseeing and enjoying the wonderful natural scenery of Ha Long Bay. A cozy restaurant space, a diverse drink menu and an international standard spa system all make Dynasty outstanding, promising to bring satisfactory and memorable experiences for tourists in their trip to discover Ha Long natural wonders.

From USD 170

ATA-HL-INS Indochina Sails – Halong Bay

Indochina Sails is a leading cruise operator working under Vietnam’s leading Huong Hai Tourism Group. Luxury hospitality is the cornerstone of our mission, as we provide guests with an unforgettable experience from their bedroom furnishings to staff service. There are three cruises: 14 – 15 – 23 cabins which are designed with a rich wooden interior, comfortable bedding, luxuriant linens, and marble en-suite bathroom to meet all of your domestic needs. With a combined experience of over 20 years hosting guests on the waters of Ha Long Bay, Indochina Sails has developed a floating hospitality service unparalleled in most aspects. Our dedicated teams know Ha Long Bay like the back of their hands, and so our customers get to experience the best of what these world-renowned waters have to offer.

USD 140

ATA-HL-SRN Serenity Cruise

What does the word “Serenity” imply? It implies the style and ethos of our cruises, appealing to a certain type of person.

Whilst some cruises appeal to a fun-loving crowd, Serenity Cruises draw a quieter, more style-conscious customer. They are cruises for discerning people who dream of floating on a calm, azure sea, among limestone peaks under boundless skies. Cruises designed for self-contemplation, to discover your inner resources and how strong your connection is with nature and local culture.

USD 160

ATA-HL-LRY La Regina Royal Cruise

La Regina Royal cruise, the charming younger sister of La Regina Legend cruise, is not merely as elegant and luxurious in every detail as her sister, but also youth oriented with a cozy atmosphere and a delightful blend of traditional Vietnamese design. A cruise trip with La Regina Royal is a combination of the bay’s most magnificent scenery, local attractions and on board amenities. Get ready for your most unforgettable moment on La Regina Royal.

USD 135

ATA-HL-MGR Margaret Cruises

No words can describe the emotions, no camera can show all the feelings and sometimes what we see on the photos is not entirely true. Only the real experience can give us all we are looking for in this natural world heritage.

We – Margaret Cruise – are pleased to bring you the most high-quality journey in Halong Bay. Our cruise is subtly designed with a perfect balance between classic and modern. The details on the ship are designed by leading experts of Vietnamese yachts. All these things always give you a new experience when overnight on the boat.

From USD 140

ATA - LHC - V'SP V’Spirit Premier Cruise

V’Spirit Premier Cruise following the route of Lan Ha Bay was launched in February 2019, an external steel structure with Vietnamese Traditional style. There are 13 cabins – spacious and well furnished with modern facilities and has its own private balcony with a table allowing guests to relax anytime outside. With an elegant design of 3 decks, the V’Spirit Premier features an original oriental tone, Vietnamese traditional decorative style together with the infinite care taken to use only the high-quality materials in construction and decoration creating luxury appointments and five-star-class service.

USD 154

ATA-HLC-BH Bhaya Cruise Halong

Built in oriental style with contemporary luxury, Bhaya Cruises established new standards of luxury cruising in Vietnam when Bhaya Classic I entered service in summer 2007. Today, operating 7 boats with 93 passenger cabins.

USD 127

ATA-HLC-SR Syrena Cruise Halong

Built in accordance with traditional Vietnamese style and modern luxury, Syrena Cruises have maintained the high standards of luxury cruising in Halong Bay. The Syrena Cruises fleet of 2 ships offers a total of 34 luxury cabins & suites accommodating a total of 68 passengers for Halong Bay cruises or hosted events (weddings, corporate retreats, incentives, meetings, conferences, etc.).

From USD 135

ATA-HL-ALI Alisa Cruise Halong

Alisa Luxury Cruise is fast becoming one of the most sought after cruising experiences on the Gulf of Tonkin. Being hailed as one of the largest and most luxurious vessels in the area, we also offer some of the largest suites and best facilities.

The main concern onboard for Alisa Luxury Cruise is the safety of our passengers and the threat to the surrounding environment. We also support the local community by offering jobs to local staff and supporting the local community to our highest capacity. Cruise Halong Bay with Alisa Luxury Cruise –the most beautiful LUXURY cruise, we commit to bring you the experience you expected.