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USD 40

ATA-VN-HACL Hoi An cooking class

Learn the secrets of cooking mouth watering delicacies which will impress your friends when you return home.We offer a variety of dishes you can choose from and we will show you how to make the sauces with them. We begin with a trip to the local markets where we will show you various street foods, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat and seafood. We will buy the fresh ingredients needed for your cooking whilst teaching about them. On our return to my house, you will prepare your dishes selected under the guidance of our experienced chef. This will be followed by a delicious meal contains you will enjoy all of the food we have cooked together.We guarantee this will be fun and an experience you will not forget.

from USD 25

ATA-VN-HACL Hoi An countryside cycling

Spend a day leisurely cycling though the scenic countryside of Vietnam, far from the traffic the motor scooters, and the noises the city. You will cross the islands on the Song Thu river delta using local transportation, including ferries and floating bridges.


ATA-VN-CIOCamping Cham Island: Overnight Camping

*Group tour by Cham Island Diving (minimum 04 people registered)


ATA-VN-CISCUBA Cham Island Scuba diving group tour


ATA-VN-CID Cham Island group tour

USD 74

ATA-VN-HAJT04 Hoi An – Farming & Fishing life

USD 47

ATA-VN-HAJT03 Hoi An – Fishermen & Palm Paradise



USD 42

ATA-VN-HAJT01 Hoi An – Buffalo ride adventure & Basket Boat