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ATA-VN-MT01 Hanoi Fabulous Food & Sights Motorbike Tour

The Fabulous Food: The food of northern Vietnam is famous throughout the world. Hanoi is the heart of this gastronomic culture and with Paloma Motorbike Tours you will experience a large range of these foods over the course of the tour.

Whether it is hidden Street Food Stalls, Small Local Restaurants or a Massive Bia Hoi Restaurant with a view, our tour will find the perfect food scene to satisfy your gastronomic desire. Come with an empty belly and we will send you home with a smile on your dial. For the more curious and adventurous food lover, ask your guide about some of the foods only the locals eat, you will be surprised and intrigued at what you can find to eat on the streets of Vietnam’s Capital City.

The Fabulous Sights: Besides the rich history and charm of the Old Quarter to the relaxed atmosphere around West Lake, you will see parts of Hanoi that you would never see, some places that would be inaccessible by car and hard to find by walking, only available with Paloma motorbike tour. Experience these fabulous tastes and sights and enjoy the streets of Hanoi like a local today.


from USD42

ATA-VN-HHV01 Hanoi Handicraft Villages

Leave the busy city behind and have a short break to explore the outskirt of Hanoi. Surrounded by the green lush Vietnamese countryside, fresh air, there are several handicrafts villages well-known for their beautiful pottery, folk painting and wood carving products. Let’s discover the tradition of artisanal handicrafts by visiting Bat Trang, Dong Ho and Dong Ky villages.

from USD38

ATA-VN-HN01 Hanoi City Tour

Hanoi, a city of more than 1,000 years history, the antique & dynamic capital of Vietnam, the elegance of the old colonial buildings or the mish-mash of the narrow streets in the Old Quarter sit easily with more modern additions. Join us today to explore hidden charm of this beautiful city.